MySkinSelfie App Instructions

  1. Download the app from the google play store or from the iphone app store. The app is not available for Windowsphone.
  2. On opening the app there will be a series of instructions.
  3. Select “Create New Account”.
  4. Enter details to create account.
  5. Select Agree and wait while your account is created.
  6. To give extra security you will then have the option to add a PIN if you want to.
  7. To start recording images select the folder icon at the top right.
  8. You then need to add details to label the folder including the location of the skin problem and a name for the folder which will usually be the name of the skin condition. You can also date the folder.
  9. Once the text boxes have been completed select the tick at the top right.
  10. You have now created a folder.
  11. To take a picture select the folder.
  12. Then select the blue camera icon in the top right corner.
  13. Take your skin selfie.
  14. If you wish to re-take the selfie select the top left arrow to go back a screen.
  15. If you are happy with the photo then select the tick at the top right corner.
  16. When you take a second photo of the same area of skin you will see that the outline of your first photo appears. This is to allow you to align your second photo in exactly the same way as the first one to enable good comparisons of the images.
  17. You are now using MySkinSelfie.

Contact: For questions or concerns relating to the App Instructions, we can be contacted at:

Effective Date: These App Instructions were last updated on 11th October 2016.