Our app can be used for a range of skin monitoring purposes


Our initial and free version of the application allows you to keep photo diaries of your skin. Once you create an account, you can create folders for different areas of your body and start capturing images. You can create a secure password to access the application and also for each folder of images.

The custom camera inside the app provides a photo guide to help you structure your SkinSelfies. By showing a 'ghosting' image of the previous photo you can quickly and more accurately identify any changes when comparing photos. You can then leave a comment with more details about the image.

The app allows you to compare images side by side to see if there has been any changes over time.

MySkinSelfie Connect (Coming Soon)

We would like to expand the application to support skin consultations. We are working on mechanisms to allow users to share images with their consultant using a secure two-step verification method. The consultant can then view the photo diary, compare photos and leave comments.

About Us

MySkinSelfie is Newcastle University research project developed at Open Lab in collaboration with Dr Philip Hampton, Dermatologist.

  • Philip Hampton

    Philip Hampton


  • Patrick Olivier

    Patrick Olivier

    Project Lead

  • Dan Richardson

    Dan Richardson

    Lead Developer

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